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29 April 2021

The Meaning of Groover

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In 2017 our first batch of medium-sweet cider was ready to sell to the public. Although we still had one last issue, the name.

We wanted the name to be quite easy to say (or order), to have some element of history behind it and to have something in relation to Cornwall.

As our orchard is close to historic mining areas such as Redruth, Camborne and St Agnes, we decided it would be very fitting to pay homage to the miners of Cornwall’s past. So one day whilst reading a book on a local tin mine in St Agnes, the term ‘Groover’ came up and it immediately stood out.

I researched into what this term ‘Groover’ meant and it turns out it was an old term for a miner, how very fitting…

We liked the name so much that it was decided, we would name our medium-sweet cider ‘Groover’, we asked family and friends on what they thought of the name and they loved it, and so did we.